IE047 - Stemson's new album "WEIRD WORLD"

Our friend Stemson (Stefan Tomlinson; heard of him?) returns to the show to discuss his stylistically-all-over-the-place-but-very-enjoyable new record "Weird World," the lengthy process of writing and recording the songs, the concept behind the album art and Stefan's desires for his music project from here on. After the music talk, the Goodboys go deep on the joys of traveling while others around you are working, the (now rare) practice of taking time to listen to albums all the way through, how ultimate achievement in any field in life is not "the thing" that will make one satisfied, and lastly, Stefan opens up the floor for Josh and Andy to constructively critique his working process.

Stemson's new album "Weird World" can be found at

Stemson, as well as Lowercase Noises, will be playing the 2017 AudioFeed Festival in Urbana, Illinois, June 30 - July 2. Tickets and info at

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