IE023 - Knate Myers, Photographer & Timelapse Cinematographer

Knate Myers is a self-taught photographer from Albuquerque, NM who has garnered a substantial following through his landscape photography, long-exposure photos of the starry night sky and compiling stunning timelapses. His vibrant editing style and affinity for capturing epic locations has gained him attention around the globe. Knate has been friends with Josh and Andy since before he ever picked up a camera, and he joins us for the whole episode to discuss the progression of his career, working with local photo co-op galleries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, collaborating with the annual International Balloon Fiesta, how he has overcome personal obstacles in advancing his talent and business, and his impending transition out of a dayjob to pursue photography full time.

Knate's work can be found at:

Andy even collaborated with Knate and provided music specifically for one of his timelapse videos, which can be seen here:

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