IE006 - James Lepine

James is a friend of ours with a diverse and interesting history, having dabbled in writing prose, playing in bands, working in radio, and now co-owning an ethically responsible clothing company with his wife while also working for a church. He's an insightful person and a clear communicator, and he made for a great conversation. Prior to our interview with James, Josh wants to clarify Andy's willingness to share personal things in the context of the podcast, then Josh proceeds to talk about how he's being self-destructive in the midst of good things happening in his life. Andy expresses his appreciation of Fall, Halloween and all the good that comes along with the Autumn season. Lastly, James demonstrates his (mind-boggling) radio voice.

James and his wife EA own and operate Arrowroot dress shop:

For more golden-voiced delight, find @jameslepine on Instagram and Twitter.

We're sponsored this week by Hummer Hangers. Turn those pesky hummingbirds into classy patio art!

Thanks to Black Map for our use of their song "Gold" in the intro/outro music.