IE008 - Stefan Tomlinson of Archabald // Stemson

Our guest (and longtime friend) Stefan joins us for the whole show this week as Josh kicks off the episode with a politically incorrect comment, then Andy talks about water damage at his home and the temporary delay of his studio build. We discuss a few facets of language in 2016, specifically the overuse of the word "like," how our collective tongues have loosened on swear words, and how literally doesn't mean literally anymore. During the interview proper, Stefan recounts his history with music (and how both Andy and Josh are tied to that past), addresses the delay in his upcoming album, and we talk about Thirty Day Guy, an abandoned social experiment he conceived that ultimately resulted in the completion of his first solo record. We also hear the story of Josh's (failed) first novel that took two years to write and no one in his life wanted to read.

Stefan's solo project Stemson:

Stefan is also in Archabald:

Stefan pronounces "scorpion" incorrectly so this week we're sponsored by Alpha Squirps.

Thanks to Black Map for our use of their song "Gold" in the intro/outro music.