IE007 - Matthew D. Jordan, Author of Tincture

Andy and Josh give a brief recap of their (incredible) experience seeing Prophets of Rage at Red Rocks before jumping into the interview with Matthew. We talk extensively about the origins and expansive world of Tincture: A Weird West Trilogy, Matthew's substantial work of bizarre western fiction which he has released in serialized podcast form for a number of years. We discuss one of Matthew's nonfiction essays regarding the proper smoking of pipes that continues to draw inconceivable amounts of web traffic, his all but nonexistent social media presence, and keeping depression at bay by continuing to create new things.

Every chapter of the Tincture saga, read by the author and currently in its third volume, is available for free on iTunes:

Books 1 and 2 are also available as eBooks for Kindle:

The Gentlemen's Guide to Smoking a Pipe without Looking Like a Hipster:

Matthew is @TheIrregular on Twitter

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Intro music is Cobra (avec logo panthere) by Prud'Hommes.