IE003 - Trevr Merchant, Filmmaker

In this episode, Josh gives a brief update on Cordial Kill as the final days of his Kickstarter come to a close. Andy then recounts his semi-regular experiences of misplaced guilt over not knowing how to do more things, and Josh ponders why creative projects are birthed from desire, but can morph into a pursuit of status and income. We then talk to Trevr Merchant, a talented filmmaker from Denver who also happens to be Josh's next door neighbor and will be the Director of Photography on Cordial Kill. Trevr tells a number of colorful and embarrassing stories from his background in production, describes his ideal career scenario, talks about his dreams and aspirations in making movies, and weed.

The Kickstarter to fund Josh's film Cordial Kill ends Wednesday, August 17th! Visit here to contribute:

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Thanks as always to Black Map for the use of their song "Code" in our intro and outro music.