IE018 - Trevor Eagleman

This week we have the privilege of thanking our first Patreon supporters! To find out more and become a supporter of Ink & Echo yourself, please visit In the show, Josh tells Andy something extremely serious, important and vulnerable, then Andy poses a question as to how he should address a music commitment that he would like to get out of.

The guest today is Trevor Eagleman, a talented artist out of Lawrence, Kansas (who also happens to be Josh's cousin). We discuss the fact that Trevor never really adopted social media and only recently has any sort of internet presence, as well as how he prefers a flip phone over a smartphone. Josh mentions how Trevor is a rare breed for his age in the best of ways, in that he is incredibly present in person and an attentive listener. We talk about Trevor's approach to artwork, his ability to be productive without having urgency or beating himself up about not doing enough, some specific works of his including an ongoing accordion-book project, how he would like to progress and grow as an artist, his attraction to the grotesque beauty of life, and some artists whose work he admires.

See Trevor's work at and follow him to watch new pieces arise at

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Our theme music is "Gold" by Black Map, used by permission.