IE020 - The Goodboy Show #2 (feat. Stefan Tomlinson): Gender Pronouns, Race, Social Justice Warriors, Faith and More

This week we cover a lot of possibly controversial or difficult subjects such as issues of race, gender identity pronouns, social justice warriors, our new culture of acceptance, faith and spirituality, the Millennial generation's propensity to be easily offended, public shaming and more. We do not claim to be experts or even well versed in any of the above, but these are merely things we believe are worth talking about and which we ourselves are trying to navigate, understand and learn how to live alongside in a way that is respectful and loving. We end on a lighter note by sharing our respective favorite curse words and insults.

Much of this conversation was inspired by the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, episode #877 with Jordan B Peterson:

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Our theme music is "Gold" by Black Map, used by permission.