IE015 - The Goodboy Show #1, The Bo Burnham Rant & Pitfalls of Social Media

This week Andy and Josh are on their own for a discussion that sprung from a fascinating, challenging 3-hour podcast between comedians Bo Burnham and Pete Holmes. We explore the concept of refraining from substances or activities that we (or anyone) are potentially using too often, the trend in our culture of talented people making low-brow, pointless content in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator in hopes of going viral, how we as a culture are still in our infancy with social media and how we are all guilty of using online platforms for the wrong things and seeking intimacy or human interaction where it is not to be found. Basically, Andy and Josh want to be real people, live in the real world, and we want to look at our damn phones less, and we want you to as well.

The podcast we reference a thousand times in this episode can be found here. Please listen to it; it will change you in good ways:

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Black Map, you are very pretty and nice and a cool band. Thank you for letting us use your song "Gold" on our show.