IE017.1 - David Bazan Redux

This week we're joined once again by David Bazan for a new, different conversation that supersedes the previous episode. The reason for this is explained in the interview itself. We begin by discussing a handful of films, as David had just come from having seen Denis Villeneuve's "Arrival," which then leads to a conversation regarding the works of Cormac McCarthy. We cover the literary quality of certain Bazan songs vs. his more personal ones, how being a parent can amplify protectiveness and fear of harm, whether or not Dave has had any house shows go south, his relationship with the Death Cab guys, the making of and story behind the recent "Trouble With Boys" music video, then things turn to an existential discussion of death, and, yes, back to movies at the end.

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Our theme music is "Gold" by Black Map, used by permission.