IE016 - Schuylar Croom of He Is Legend

He Is Legend has been one of Andy and Josh's staple bands for years, so Schuylar Croom was another bucket-list guest for us. It was such an honor to have him join us on this episode for a lengthy conversation that meanders between silliness and profundity. We touch on what He Is Legend has been up to since the release of Heavy Fruit, Schuylar clarifies what exactly their "hiatus" entailed, we dig into some of the band's history with Solid State and discuss their early records, including the backlash to Suck Out the Poison and the assumption that they were a "Christian" band purely because of their label. Schuylar also talks about his personal life, other creative endeavors, work in film, dayjob, and gives some details on the new He Is Legend album and the future of the band.

To keep up with what's happening with He is Legend, visit Schuylar is @crucialdude on Instagram and Twitter.

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