IE014 - Lee Hardcastle, Clay Animator & Director

Lee Hardcastle makes claymations that are not for children. His career began with making 60-second stopmotion renditions of popular films and posting them to YouTube, humble beginnings that led to him becoming a YouTube sensation with over 300k subscribers and eventually winning him a slot as director on The ABC's of Death anthology horror film. He has since contributed animations to the likes of Adult Swim, Sufjan Stevens, 20th Century Fox, and a number of notable clients. Lee graciously agreed to come on the show to discuss his rough first year in film school, how and when he began animating, how his technique and camera expertise have grown over time, why he is drawn to horror and gore in particular, his recent venture into live action filmmaking, and his transition from working a dayjob to animating full time. He also tells stories of how John Carpenter contributed voiceover to one of his videos, and the accidental way in which he met Christoph Waltz.

Lee's films (most of which are 18+) can be seen at

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