IE010 - Drew Roulette of dredg

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This week we had the privilege of speaking with one of our personal heroes, Drew Roulette, bassist of dredg and an accomplished painter out of San Jose. We discuss the progression and growth of his art, how it has changed and been refined over time, the mental recesses from which he draws inspiration, and even how psychedelics have played a factor in his work. We then dig deep into dredg's discography and get Drew's take on many facets of the band's history, including their approach to each album and how he views them today. Dredg fans in particular ought to find much to enjoy in this episode, as Drew answers just about every question we could have ever wanted to know about how they operate and build each conceptual album, as well as some news about the future of the band.

Check out (and purchase, if you like) Drew's artwork at

Dredg's music can be found at

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Thank you to Black Map (featuring guitarist Mark Engles--another member of dredg, in fact) for the use of their song "Gold" in the intro/outro music.