IE012 - Scott Witsoe, Head Brewer at Wit's End

Our guest today won a Great American Beer Fest Gold medal in 2014 for Jean-Claude Van Blond, a Belgian-Style Blonde Ale that also took Bronze at the World Beer Cup the same year. To taste this delectable beer for yourself, visit Wit's End Brewery in Denver, Colorado, located at 2505 W 2nd Ave, Unit 13, 80219.

In the episode, Josh extends a hearty thanks to our listeners while Andy gives them an auditory gift throughout the show. We discuss the challenges faced in Josh's movie "Cordial Kill," which will have nearly completed filming by this episode's release. Andy talks about his own challenges and agonizing over small details as he closes in on completing the new Lowercase Noises album. Doctor Gaines steps in and soothes him with some nice good boy words.

During the interview, Scott explains a number of aspects as to how the Great American Beer Fest operates, what's it like to attend as a brewer, how the judging process works, and how he has seen it change over time. We discuss in depth the history of Scott's brewery, Wit's End, his growth and expansion from home brewing to owning a business, how being laid off from his day job factored into becoming an entrepreneur, and his desires for the future of the company. We also get a decent amount of geeky (and fascinating) detail regarding the science and creativity of brewing itself, how Scott goes about choosing and making recipes, and the one elusive beer style he has always wanted to make.

Scott is @WitsEndBrewing on Twitter and Instagram. His beer, however, is best enjoyed in person.

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