IE011 - Caleb Davis, Lead Designer at Reach Records

Josh gives Andy some crap for being too excited about Drew's episode and Andy verbally slaps Josh into his proper place. We then dig into how Andy tends to dislike art that is "happy" and gravitates more towards the darker, heavier side of life. We then move into our talk with Caleb, an artist who both Andy and Josh had recruited for images on albums and posters in the Albuquerque music scene. Caleb talks about his day to day as Lead Designer for Reach Records, how he collaborates with the label's artists, and how he made the transition from being an employee at Urban Outfitters doing art on the side to woodworking to finally getting the job he has always wanted with a record label. We close with one of the best stories ever told on the show regarding Caleb's truck being stolen for the second time.

Caleb is @trash.flower on Instagram and @trash_flower_ on Twitter. More of his work can be seen at

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